Battle of Jacks Ridge

Major Driver Announcement: Joe McAndrew

Kiwi rally legend of the 1990s Joe McAndrew is the latest driver to enter the Repco Battle of Jacks Ridge and he will look to take on the best of the current crop of stars.

McAndrew won the national championship in 1993, 1994 and 1996 and is considered one of the all-time greats of the sport.

He will make a comeback at the November 15 event on the purpose-built WRC-calibre power stage on former national champion Andrew Hawkeswood’s Auckland property.

While McAndrew has competed successfully all over New Zealand and has seen just about all there is to see in the sport, this will be one piece of road he has never driven.

“I live in Wellington, so I know nothing about it at all,” McAndrew admitted.

“I have seen a bit of footage since I was told I should enter. It looks pretty good – Andrew does a good a job and will make sure it works perfectly.

“It should be fun.”

McAndrew will pilot a cross kart at the Repco Battle of Jacks Ridge and will take on the likes of speedway king Michael Pickens.

While he’s never driven a cross kart before, McAndrew feels like he will be able to adapt pretty quickly.

“I have driven a few single seaters so I guess they are similar,” he said.

“I saw the one Hayden [WRC star Hayden Paddon] had up here in Wellington earlier in the year and I got to sit in it.

“With any luck I might be able to get a ride in one before the actual event.”

And while it has been a number of years since McAndrew tested himself at the highest level, the man who raced the iconic Shell sponsored Subaru will no doubt take some beating.

“I have done nothing for a couple of years so this is a good chance to compete and be involved in something that is attracting some pretty impressive entries,” McAndrew said.

“I probably won’t be out there going for the win like I might have been earlier in my career but I will still be going as hard as I can.

“When you put the helmet on and you’re sitting at the start line I’m sure I will be ready to give it everything I have.”

The Repco Battle of Jacks Ridge will be broadcast live on Sky Sport. There are not gate sales so tickets need to be pre purchased at Ticket Fairy.

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