Media accreditation and attendance on Rally New Zealand may be managed with modified terms under COVID-19 regulations (TBD depending on the development of the pandemic). All attendees including the media will be required to comply with the COVID protocol as defined by the event organizers (if applicable).

Accreditation Procedure

New Zealand Media
National publications, national photographers, national radio stations and national websites:

Requests for accreditation for publications, photographers, websites and radio stations in New Zealand must apply on our website no later than 7 September 2022. Applications will open on 26 July.

International Media
All news and photo agencies, print and web media outside of NZ, as well as national news agencies must apply through the FIA AMS platform: Applying media must upload a formal application letter signed by the Chief editor of the publication or agency, as well as recent proofs of publication of the journalist or photographer to be accredited.

International Radio and TV
Must apply through WRC Promoter:

Media Personnel of Teams competing in Rally New Zealand
Must apply through WRC Promoter: