First WRC 9 Gameplay video from New Zealand released

WRC 9 developers Nacon and its development studio KT Racing have revealed the first gameplay video from New Zealand, one of three new destinations that will feature in WRC 9.

The latest edition of the official video game, set for release on 3 September on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC from the Epic Games Store, includes all three of the new stops on the 2020 WRC Calendar, with gameplay videos from Japan and Kenya to follow.

The New Zealand stages are set on the country?s North Island, taking in the rugged scenery around the nation?s biggest city, Auckland. 

In addition to the initial release on 3 September, further releases will follow on PlayStation 5, Xbox One Series X and Nintendo Switch at a later date.

‘Roads in New Zealand are amongst the most beautiful and the most appreciated in the WRC,’

Benoit Gomes, Lead Level Designer at KT Racing

‘Famous for its fast chains of turns and a sustained pace rhythm, along with breath-taking landscapes, Rally New Zealand truly offers a particular experience. A long preparation work allowed us to replicate, as closely as possible, the luxuriant vegetation, the light and unique ocean views, as well as the road’s topography and surfaces, mainly composed of gravel. We’re convinced that players will enjoy taking up this challenge as much as we did in WRC 9,’ added Gomes.

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