WRC Rally New Zealand returns in 2022 – Supercharge your brand 

Supercharge your brand with the most exciting sporting event to hit New Zealand in 2022 — the FIA World Rally Championship is back!

Rally New Zealand will make its 32nd appearance on the FIA World Rally Championship calendar next September and welcomes companies to talk to us about joining the ride.  

Ten years on since New Zealand hosted a FIA world motorsport event, there is an army of motorsport fans across the country eagerly awaiting this event. With Rally New Zealand now embracing PHEV technology combined with fossil free fuel, the World Rally Championship highlights the fast technological advances underway in the motoring industry. 

Led by kiwi motorsport legend, Hayden Paddon, Rally New Zealand will be broadcast to more than 70 million global viewers and attract 20,000+ motorsport fans to multiple spectator points and activation zones in Auckland. 

Celebrating 50 years of the WRC, Rally New Zealand is proud to host the only Southern Hemisphere event. 

Join us to be part of motorsport history in 2022. Contact Michael Goldstein here for further information.