Repco Battle of Jacks Ridge Passenger Indemnity

I the undersigned passenger understand that my presence at this event and venue is entirely at my own risk.
I acknowledge that I must obey the instructions of the Driver, Crew, Event Organisers, Officials and/or Marshals. I confirm that I have been briefed on basic event safety procedures and how to wear and subsequently uncouple the safety harness fitted to the vehicle or vehicles that I will ride in during the event.

I confirm that my health is not altered by any legal/illegal drugs or alcohol nor do I suffer from any medical condition that may prevent me from participating in this activity safely.

I understand that if I am between the ages of 12 to 16, I am required to present either a valid Junior Competition licence or an underage indemnity form signed by my parent or guardian. I declare that I am over the age of twelve and have read and understand these declarations prior to signing in the appropriate space below.