Saturday 1st October

Auckland North

Komokoriki Spectator Points info

  • Please note that the Komokiriki spectator points will be accessed only be park and ride. There will be no entry or exit from these spectator points between 9am to midday, and again from 3pm to 6pm. 
  • All cars (including gold pass) will be charged $20 for car parking at the start of the stage. This cost is to cover parking & the bus trip in/out of the spectator point.     
  • Access to spectator points will be via busses circulating from the Ahuroa (Komokoriki) fire station at the following times: 
    • 7am to 9am
    • 1215pm to 3pm
  • Once you are in this spectator point you will not be able to leave until after the final car which will be either:
    • 1215pm to 3pm; or
    • After 6pm.
  • Please note that the bus movements will be strictly between these hours so please plan your day to allow plenty of time to park your car and get to the bus.