2022 Repco Rally New Zealand Volunteer Information & Policy

2022 Repco Rally New Zealand Volunteer Information & Policy

Welcome to 2022 Repco Rally New Zealand

Volunteer Centre
The main Headquarters for volunteers is at the Karanga Kiosk in Wynyard Quarter, opposite the Viaduct Events Centre and will be operational from Saturday 24th September until Sunday 2nd October.

We do realise that some of our volunteers will go straight to their volunteer shifts across the various areas of the event through Auckland and the Waikato so our team will meet you beforehand or when you turn up for your shifts.

The Downtown area map and spectator maps are attached for your reference.

Pre-Rally Registration
Volunteers are required to confirm their registration and acknowledge this Volunteer Policy online via this link: TBC before their shift. Alternatively, volunteers can register in person at the Karanga Kiosk or at the start of the stage prior to their shift.  

What to bring
– Please make sure you take plenty of food and water with you as many volunteer locations will be in rural areas without access to any food or water.
– Ensure that you take appropriate clothing for wet and hot weather – raincoat, good footwear and warm layers, as well as sunblock and a hat.

Accident Report and Hazard Identification

If you think something around your volunteer location is unsafe or could be a potential hazard, please notify your Team Leader or Head of Department as soon as possible, so the situation can be investigated and the appropriate action taken.

If you are out on a stage (including volunteering at Jacks Ridge), or at the service park and have an emergency while volunteering, please call the Rally emergency number on 0800 RALLYE (0800 725593) or if you are located at a radio point you can ask for a message to be passed to rally control.

If you are volunteering at any other location and have an emergency please call 0800 RALLYE (0800 725593) and advise that you are an official / volunteer of Rally New Zealand. For all non-emergency reporting / assistance call the Secretariat on +64 9 276 0882.

If you have an accident or ‘near miss’ while volunteering, regardless of its severity, you must notify Rally New Zealand immediately via text: +64 27 322 4274, email: info@rallynz.org.nz or our Health & Safety App: https://piwi.nz/rnz/login.php

Your head of department will brief you on specific requirements for your role before the event, or when you arrive for your shift. We recommend you arrive 20 minutes before the report time that your HOD has given you to allow you to find appropriate parking and locate your team.

All volunteers will be issued with their Rally Volunteer hat, ID card and other clothing as required. Volunteers doing 2 days will receive a polo-shirt, those doing 3 or more days will receive 2 polo-shirts.

All Volunteers must wear their uniform during the shift at all times.

We hope you enjoy the experience of 2022 Repco Rally New Zealand.

On behalf of the organisers and competitors, a huge thank you for volunteering your time and energy to make this a memorable and successful event.

Kind regards,

Maggie Brott – Volunteer Manager – Repco Rally New Zealand


For use by all volunteers at the 2022 Repco Rally New Zealand

The Importance of H&S and the Responsibilities of the Individual

The Health and Safety in Employment Act is to ensure that New Zealand workplaces are safe and healthy for everyone connected with them and it is our aim to use practices and procedures within our operation to reduce the number of unsafe or unhealthy incidents that could become accidents. To achieve this, we require the reporting of all incidents and potential hazards no matter how minor they may be, before they become accidents for all parties involved.

As a volunteer at this event, we encourage you to take an active role in promoting a healthy and safe workplace for yourself and all involved in the event. Please understand that if you do not comply with Health and Safety Rules, you may endanger your own Health and Safety or the Health and Safety of others.

All volunteers, officials or employees of Repco Rally New Zealand at this event MUST:

  1. Fully observe the following Safety Rules of the organisation.

    1. Know who your Head of Department or Team Leader is and how to contact this person.
    2. Report any safety hazard within your work area, malfunction of any equipment and all accidents whether injury is sustained or not to your Team Leader or to the Secretariat.
    3. Conform to all written or verbal instructions given to you to ensure your personal safety and the safety of others.
    4. Always make sure that you stand off the road and in a safe place. Keep people behind the tape.
  1. Be sensibly and safely dressed for the particular working environment that you are involved in.
    1. Conduct yourself in an orderly manner in the workplace and refrain from horseplay.
    2. Use all safety equipment and / or protective clothing as may be provided and directed.
    3. Avoid any improvisation of any form that could create an unnecessary risk to your personal safety and to the safety of others.
    4. When applicable, ensure that all tools and equipment are in good condition and you must report any defects to your HOD or Team Leader as and when they occur.
    5. Only operate mobile plant when authorised, trained and where necessary, hold the appropriate certification or license to operate the mobile plant or equipment.
    6. For the purpose of this policy a “worker” is defined as any volunteer, official or employee of Repco Rally New Zealand
  • In addition to the above responsibilities, Workplace Health & Safety legislation places duties and statutory responsibilities on all workers, i.e. you shall take reasonable care:
  • To protect your own health and safety at work.
    • To avoid adversely affecting the health and safety of any other person through any act.
    • Ensure that you are not, by the consumption of drugs or alcohol, in such a state as to endanger your own safety at work or the safety of any other person at work.
    • To ensure the general public / spectators walk within the taped off spectator areas at all times and that volunteers and spectators are aware of the inherent risk of motorsport.
    • To ensure spectators and you as a volunteer recognise the terrain of rally locations are uneven and walking conditions can be slippery and that it is important to take care.

Volunteer Contacts

Volunteer ManagerMaggie Brott+6427 895 625maggie@rallynewzealand.com
Rally HQ & Secretariat HODAndrea Bourhill and Merran Brockie-David+6427 322 4274info@rallynz.org.nz andrea.bourhill@gmail.com
Media Centre HODLance Hastie+6421 329909lance@rallynewzealand.com
Hospitality & Merchandise & VIP HODMel Gimblett+6421 655 691mel@rallynewzealand.com
Service Park ManagersWayne Hughes and Peter Thomson Jen Moore+6421 101 2693 +6421 833 203 +6421 786 699carmenandwayne1@gmail.com peter@technicalequipment.co.nz  jen@rallynewzealand.com
Domain set up HODPaul Fallon and Heiko Jonkers+6421 851 711 +6421 434 565paul@rallynewzealand.com andrea.bourhill@gmail.com
Domain Marshals HODAndrea Bourhill & Andy Adams+6421 689 061Andrea.Bourhill@gmail.com
Mon to Sun Safety Marshals HODAndrea Bourhill & Andy Adams+6421 689 061Andrea.Bourhill@gmail.com
Remote Refuels HODHeiko Jonkers+6421 434 565heiko.jonkers@gmail.com
WashdownJohn Holland john@rallynewzealand.com
Jack’s Ridge set up HODPaul Fallon+6421 851 711paul@rallynewzealand.com
Bus shuttle drivers HODJeremy Dawson+6421 176 8739jeremy@rallynewzealand.com
Safety HODAndrea Bourhill & Andy Adams+6421 689 061 +6421 912 848Andrea.Bourhill@gmal.com sirandya@hotmail.com 

Emergency Contacts

Rally HQ Emergency Number0800 RALLYE (0800 72559)
Secretariat09 276 0882

Unwelcome or Unruly Behaviour

If you are confronted by individuals who are displaying unwanted or threatening behaviour, remain calm and contact an official who has two way radio communication or call rally control on 0800 RALLYE (0800 725593). Advise them to ask Rally HQ for immediate assistance.  Information that will be required includes:

  • Location of the incident
  • What is actually occurring / number of individuals involved
  • A description of the individuals
  • The name of the person requiring assistance / making the report
  • Perceived priority on the threat / aggression

The above situation will assist our team in making an effective response to the situation.

Media Attention

It is the policy of the event organiser that neither volunteers nor any person involved with Repco Rally New Zealand may speak to the media at, or in connection to, the event without express consent of the CEO.

If an incident was to occur during the event that attracts media attention, all media inquiries are to be directed to the Secretariat in Wynyard Quarter. Under no circumstances is any volunteer authorised to speak to the media.

Please note that this includes any “off the record” comments.